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Act Like You Mean Business

Essential Communication Lessons from Stage and Screen

Packed with anecdotes and stories from the world of performance and business, Act Like You Mean Business is an entertaining and informative read. It offers a wealth of advice for communicating more successfully in the workplace, the marketplace, and your everyday life.

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11 Deadly Presentation Sins

A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers, PowerPoint Users and Anyone Who Has to Get Up and Talk in Front of an Audience

Are you ready to escape from PowerPoint hell? Stop committing the most common presentation sins, from listless delivery to lackluster content, from meandering stories to mundane visuals. This guide will help you turn things around and become a presenter people will pay attention to and remember!

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11 deadly sins

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Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication there is. More than facts and data and other bits of information, stories are fundamental to capturing and expressing our ideas, wishes, and beliefs… and getting the results we want.

What Can Stories Do For You?
The right story can help you:

  • Nail a job interview
  • Earn a raise
  • Close a sale
  • Build trust with an employee or colleague
  • Strengthen relationships with customers
  • Become a more comfortable networker
  • Win over a skeptic
  • Rally a team
  • Align people with a strategy
  • Promote your brand
  • Raise a toast
  • Deliver a eulogy
  • Get out of a speeding ticket
  • And more…

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