Communication rules women

Are the Communications Rules Different for Women?

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked during my talks: are the rules different for women when it comes to communication? My answer is no. AND yes. It’s complicated, so I’ll explain. But first, a story. A Lesson from a Favorite Teacher Among the many classes I took at Second City’s training center was […]

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Communication skills

7 Ways to Bring the Love in Your Communications

On this Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of an important principle of improv comedy: come from a place of love. That’s also useful advice for our everyday communications (and for life in general, of course). So here are seven ways you can bring the love in order to become a more successful communicator. But first, an […]

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This One Word Makes You Sound Like a Jerk

We’re in the thick of Hollywood awards season, and with it come the acceptance speeches, which are sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny and sometimes downright pretentious. Which reminds me of a speech Madonna gave at the Golden Globes ceremony a few years ago that will forever live in my memory — all because of an ordinary, […]

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Surviving a Dysfunctional Family Christmas

10 Steps for Surviving a Dysfunctional Family Christmas

To butcher Tolstoy, all families are dysfunctional in their own way — especially around the holidays, when stress and expectations are sky high. Being a communicator by profession, I naturally believe most problems can be solved with communication (and that poor communication is the root of most problems). Not that I always practice what I preach — […]

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IABC Philly

A Full Week of Storytelling and Communication

Tomorrow morning I embark on a 36-hour marathon of travel and speaking and it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I believe I’m coming down with yet another Teddy-related virus. I can handle minor illness with a bit of Tylenol Cold and adrenalin, but a scratchy throat could prove to be a real […]

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How to be a better listener

How to Be a Better Listener in 7 Steps

Have you ever met anyone who admits they’re a bad listener? I haven’t. Most people seem to think they’re great listeners. But I haven’t found that to be true. And I should know — I’ve long been a bad listener. But I’m getting better at it, and I believe anyone can learn how to be a better […]

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How to Shoot a Selfie Video

How to Shoot a Selfie Video in 6 Easy Steps

In a camera-phone world, there is still a time and place for a professionally shot and edited video. But on occasion, a DIY approach is good enough — and even preferable. I’ve done it for professional purposes once — and, as with so many things, that makes me feel qualified to advise others. So here’s what I learned […]

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Why I vote

Election Day Emotions: Faith, Duty and Dread

Election day always comes with a weird mix of emotions for me. It makes it hard to focus on work and the everyday concerns when something so momentous is happening. And it gets me thinking about elections past … Shock, Dismay and Sadness The morning after the presidential election of 1988, I sat, stunned, on a park […]

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Email Marketing

10 Immutable Laws of Email Marketing

Everybody’s into email marketing these days, from big businesses to entrepreneurs, from musicians to writers. It’s no wonder—it’s one of the most effective marketing tactics there is. And with tools like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, anyone can do it. And that’s the trouble—many people aren’t doing it right. Are You a Spammer? In fact, […]

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Career Planning

A Lesson in Career Planning from Steve Jobs

Are you feeling lost or directionless in your career? Like you’re on the wrong track or you’re wasting your time? I can assure you you’re not alone. Practically everyone has felt that way at some point in his or her life. I can also assure you that it’s going to be okay. Take it From […]

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