Keys to Delivering a Killer Presentation

6 Steps to Delivering a Killer Presentation

Why do we continue to see so many dull, lifeless presentations? I’ve thought a lot about this problem, but the #1 reason is that speakers seem to think it’s enough just to inform an audience. But it is not. Audiences want to be entertained. Here We Are Now, Entertain Us Some may find that notion objectionable, […]

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act naturally in a presentation

6 Keys to Acting Naturally in a Presentation

One of the most important factors in delivering a successful presentation is the ability to look and act naturally. If you’re stiff, uncomfortable and “not yourself,” that’s definitely going to negatively impact how your audience perceives you. There’s no magic formula that will instantly make you look and feel cool, calm and comfortable. But there are […]

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Understand Your Audience

Speakers: 6 Steps to Understanding Your Audience

Every audience has one thing in common: they want to know, “What’s in it for me?” If your speech or presentation is all about you, you’ll never grab and hold their interest. So whether you’re presenting to a group of coworkers around a conference room table or to a thousand strangers in a ballroom, there […]

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What to Do When Your Speaking Time is Cut Short

I’ve done a couple of speeches where events beyond my control cut seriously into my allotted speaking time. If you’re ever in that situation, here’s what to do and what not to do. The Best Laid Plans … I construct my presentations meticulously. If I’ve got an hour-long time slot, then I know I will […]

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Death by PowerPoint

The Leading Cause of Death by PowerPoint

I was talking last week with my next awesome client about the problem of Death by PowerPoint, and why so many people still don’t get it. Our conversation led me to a realization about why smart people continue to give bad presentations. Dull Slide Decks, and the People Who Use Them We were mainly discussing the […]

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How Long Does It Take to Write a Speech? 30 Years

I love giving presentations, but I recognize I’m in a unique position: I get to choose the topic, the time and the place. So I really feel for those in the corporate world who find themselves staring at the screen trying to figure out what to say for some presentation they’re obligated to give. It […]

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Body language

Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Body Language

We’ve all heard that “93 percent of communication is nonverbal.” But like a lot of conventional wisdom, that figure is a myth. But because so many people accept it as gospel, they almost literally tie themselves up in knots in presentations, job interviews, speed dates and other important moments. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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Ditch the Dull, Wordy PowerPoint Slides

Nobody wants to see your ugly, wordy PowerPoint slides. Slides are called “visual support” for a reason: they’re supposed to be visual. That means NOT like this: I was reminded of this issue — well, I’m reminded of it at every conference and meeting I attend — but most recently during a debate on a forum […]

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Learning is fun!

To My 7th-Grade Teacher: Yes, Learning Can be Fun

Sometimes life’s most important lessons come from being shown what NOT to do. Such a lesson came to me courtesy of my seventh-grade history teacher, who announced on our very first day that “school is not supposed to be fun.” My Teacher, the Drill Sergeant “I am an army brat,” Mrs. Wood declared, marching back and […]

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11 Deadly Presentation Sins

Holiday Sale: 11 Deadly Presentation Sins 50% Off!

A recent study showed that three out of four people who give presentations want to improve their public speaking skills. If that’s true for someone you know — a colleague or customer or maybe yourself — have I got a deal for you! I’m getting a jump on Black Friday with a half-off sale on […]

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